Sofie is your personal virtual meetingassistant

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The easiest way to create effective meetings

BetterMeetings gives your very own virtual meeting assistant: Sofie.

Just add Sofie Cc next time you create a new appointment or e-mail from Microsoft Outlook, and she will help you with all the material for your meeting.

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A tool in Outlook

If you choose to download our Outlook add-in, you will get an icon in your Outlook calendar. Then you have direct access to Sofie. If you dont download the add-in, you will need to use the link in one of the mails, Sofie sends to you.

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Sofie collects all documents and creates an overview

Whenever you are ready, you can send attachments to you meeting to Sofie. She will convert them to PDF. Later you can download your agenda with attachments as one unified indexed PDF.

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Your meeting attendees will be better prepared

Our system allows you to simply empty your head with ideas for agenda items. At the same time, you can attach all your files at once. Sofie makes it easy to link attachments to the agendaitems, and you can change the order with drag-and-drop. In this way you will be quickly finished.

Sofie supports you to qualify your agenda, so each item is described according to state of the art.

Overview and easy access for everyone

Once your agenda is complete, you can download all material with a single click. All the attachments are now in the right order after the agenda. Everything is indexed in one single PDF, which is easy for all attendees to use. The PDF is attached to the outlook appointment with or without a password.

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Monthly payment
Yearly (Save 17%)


  • Unlimited meetings
    Agenda editor
    Sofies to do list
    10 free attachments


7,-EURO per month
70,-EURO per year (Save 17%)
  • Unlimited meetings
    Agenda editor
    Upload or send attachments to Sofie
    Sofies to dos
    Upload your own letterhead design
    Automated merged agenda
    Do minutes