What concepts should I know

Sofie talks about designing an agenda, which means making it easy for the meeting participants to prepare themselves by creating complete clarity. Sofie remembers all that most of the leaders at some point have learned on a meetup course that they well know, but rarely get time for.

With Sofie, you can design an agenda in minutes. Design implies that the agenda is prioritised; The points are in the right order, qualified, i.e. One indicates the type of point, expected time, responsible etc. and attachments, and is motivated, ie. One describes why a point needs to be discussed and what will be the result of a good discussion.

The meeting participant receives a PDF that is easy to navigate and is thus given optimum conditions to prepare. And thats the secret bar good meeting quality.

Is it safe?

Yes. All attachments captured by Sofie are encrypted behind SSL certificat. This means that all communication between the user and the server is encrypted. Attachments are stored on BetterMeetings own dedicated server, which is in a German server environment, with certified security.

Attachments and all other data from the meeting are deleted completely 24 hours after the meeting is held, unless you choose something else yourself. Sofie is not an archival system. She complies with the GDPR.

What happens to my files?

Sofie collects all files that are sent to her. She tries to uncover which meeting the files are for. If she is in doubt, she puts them on several of your meetings.

You can easily delete them. Only the creator of the meeting in Outlook, which is the account owner, gets the files. If youre a meeting participant and send a file to the meeting Manager and Cc Sofie, its the moderator — not you — who can see the file.

What if I want to keep material from previous meetings?

You can choose to save all the files from the Sofie meetings and will be able to easily find your way back to previous meetings within the Sofia work platform (there is a data processing agreement that you agree to when you create an account). However, we recommend that you download a zip file instead and place all material centrally. This is done with one click when you download the PDF anyway.

Who can see my material?

The meeting Manager is the only one who has access to the Sofia work platform and can see all files.

How do I send the agenda to the meeting attendees?

Once your agenda is complete, youll download a PDF. You can either attach the meeting request itself or send to the attendees in a separate email.

How do I deliver attachments to Sofie?

Send attachments to Cc Sofie after you have set up a meeting, she is also summoned. Then she gathers it all up and puts it on the work platform, where you can easily and quickly qualify and motivate your agenda.

How can I pass my ongoing ideas to Sofie?

Once you have set up a meeting where Sofie is Cc, you can send an email to Sofie at any time with the Subject field "Sofie:" followed by keywords for what you need to remember. Then she saves it on her work platform and you can call it forward when you design your agenda.

What if you dont use Outlook

Sofie is designed for Outlook users, but anyone can go directly to Bettermeetings.net and design the agenda which can be attached to a meeting request.

How do I unsubscribe if I dont want to use Sofie anymore

The use of Sofie may be terminated with day notice to the time you purchased. If our agreement and therefore the terms and conditions are terminated for any reason, you may access your user account and data against the payment of any overdue subscription fees to be a user at any time. Here you can export your stored data and we will delete them altogether. If you do not do so, BetterMeetings may, within commercially reasonable time, delete any stored data associated with your account.

How do I find material from previous meetings?

In Outlook. Just go back to that date – or use the search function. Here lies both the agenda and the Minutes.

Can I work on a file from the meeting

No – The meeting material is locked in the form it was distributed before the meeting and referenced by. But in your own file structure, the basic documents should lie. Sofie is not a file archive.

There are company solutions

Yes – Sofie can be set up for a specific company, where she gets the companys email address and a number of statistical features set up so that the companys overall meeting activity can be optimized. Contact us for a specific offer.

Can I buy more than one license?

Yes it is possible to buy all the licenses you want and receive one single invoice. You can then assign the privilege by entering the email addresses of your license recipient. Then they get automatic pro access the first time they sign in.
If the invoice is paid, it is paid for one year at a time. Paid by card can be purchased monthly, but that gives 17% in discount by annual payment.